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* To ensure patient and staff safety, Dr. Fishman offers a “hybrid” clinic experience utilizing both telemedicine and “in-office” visits as appropriate.  Tele-ophthalmology is particularly well suited for Dr. Fishman’s dry eye practice. Please call (650) 322-4393 or click here using the online webform to get started.

* Dr. Fishman’s focus is to diagnose pathology before it impacts vision. He offers a “front-to-back” Ocular Wellness Annual Visit where the goal is to maximize overall systemic health by improving vision and eye health (please check out Dr. Fishman’s podcast interview with Chris Kresser on the gut microbiome in eye disease).

* Dr. Fishman sub-specializes in dry eye disease and has a holistic approach ranging from advanced diagnostics to many non-pharmacologic treatments such as PRGF Serum Tears. Dr. Fishman is passionate about advancing ophthalmic discoveries and has several industry and investigator sponsored clinical trials in dry eye disease, ocular disease biomarkers, the gut-eye microbiome, and new ophthalmic medical devices.

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Check out Dr. Fishman’s youtube video on dry eye and the innate immune system






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* Dr. Fishman is a problem solver in ophthalmology. He has wide-ranging clinical and academic interests including novel treatments for dry eye disease and new technologies in ocular genomics. Get new content from Dr. Fishman in his Blog “EyeChat with Dr. Harv.”



EyeChat with Dr. Harv : Podcast


Dr. Fishman’s podcast interview on the Ocular Microbiome with Chris Kresser

New Discoveries of the Ocular Microbiome with Dr Harvey Fishman


EyeChat with Dr. Harv YouTube Channel : A focus on Ocular Wellness

Dr. Fishman’s overall goal is to improve your systemic health by improving the health of your eyes and your vision.  Because the eye is a microcosm of the total body, Dr. Fishman can identify signs of systemic disease through advanced testing and through direct observation.  Common examples of systemic diseases that can be diagnosed on a careful ophthalmic exam include diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disease (like crohn’s or ulcerative colitis), brain tumors, sexually transmitted diseases and the list grows every year. Promising research has shown that Alzheimer’s Dementia may be detected using OCT angiography, a device that Dr. Fishman uses in his clinic.


How Treating Dry Eye Can Save A Patient's Life

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