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COVID-19 Office Updates


* Dr. Fishman’s office is closed for routine patient visits until further notice.  However, Dr. Fishman can be contacted for any urgent ophthalmic issues or questions and can be reached either by calling the office at (650) 322-4393 or here using the online webform.

* If you wish to schedule a routine visit, Dr. Fishman is available for Telemedicine visits.

* If you need help with glasses, contact lenses, or need to update your optical prescription during this office closure, please call (650) 322-4393 or here using the online webform.

All of us at FishmanVision wish you and your family, health, peace, and safety during these challenging times.




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Dr. Harv’s EyeChat : Podcast


Dr. Fishman’s podcast interview on the Ocular Microbiome with Chris Kresser

New Discoveries of the Ocular Microbiome with Dr Harvey Fishman

Dr. Harv’s EyeChat : A focus on Ocular Wellness

Dr. Fishman’s overall goal is to improve your systemic health by improving the health of your eyes and your vision.  Because the eye is a microcosm of the total body, Dr. Fishman can identify signs of systemic disease through advanced testing and through direct observation.  Common examples of systemic diseases that can be diagnosed on a careful ophthalmic exam include diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disease (like crohn’s or ulcerative colitis), brain tumors, sexually transmitted diseases and the list grows every year. Promising research has shown that Alzheimer’s Dementia may be detected using OCT angiography, a device that Dr. Fishman uses in his clinic.


Follow My Blog “EyeChat with Dr. Harv.”