Over the past several years, new federal healthcare initiatives have added administrative requirements and onerous restrictions on practicing medicine. As they now exist, commercial insurance and Medicare are no longer compatible with our low-volume, sub-specialty practice with extended patient visits and a personalized medicine approach. While commercial insurance and Medicare may work for high-volume, fast-paced, large group practices, they are unsustainable for us at FishmanVision.

FishmanVision is an  “out-of-network” provider with all commercial insurance companies (and vision plans) and opted out of Medicare insurance.  The change to a private pay model allows us to expand services and treatment options that are currently limited by commercial insurance and Medicare.  We will continue to add the most advanced ocular diagnostics and comprehensive ophthalmic care to our practice.

We hope very much that you will give us the opportunity to take care of you. On the other hand, we understand if this is not possible for you. If you are an existing patient, we will not disrupt your care and will facilitate transfer of care to another group if necessary.  We understand the effects of this practice model on some of our patients. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call the office (650-322-4393) or email Dr. Fishman personally.

Thank you for the privilege of caring for you.


All Patients will be given a good faith estimate of their bill before being seen. Please click here to be taken to the CMS form that will be provided to you.