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Dry Eye Ophthalmic Diagnostics at FishmanVision


  • In-depth analysis of your diet, blood work (Sjogrens antibodies, thyroid, Vitamin A and D) and environmental exposures, allergies, and gut microbiome (for e.g., Viome)
  • Intensive imaging and dry eye diagnostics including:
    •  Demodex Imaging – An eyelash removed and observed microscopically in office to determine if you have an overgrowth of demodex contributing to dry eye.
    • Meibography (Keratograph 5M)
    • Non-invasive Keratograph Tear Breakup time (NIKBUT) (Keratograph 5M)
    • Lipid Layer Assessment of the Interference pattern (Keratograph 5M)
    • Tear meniscus height (TMH) on Anterior Segment OCT imaging (Cirrus Zeiss OCT)
    • In-Vivo Confocal Microscropy (IVCM) (NIDEK)
    • Light and Color Sensitivity Analysis (Lux IQ)
    • Corneal Topography (Zeiss)