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MiboFlow Thermal Heating with Expression

The MiboFlow is a peltier thermal heating pad that precisely heats the meibum in the eyelid. MiboFlow delivers emissive heat at 108 F through a silver (.925) eye pad with ultrasound gel which allows the heat to penetrate to the glands. The advantage of MiboFlow is non-invasiveness of the treatment to the eyelid and the effectiveness of the heating.





The MiboFlow Procedure

The entire procedure consists of three parts. First, the eyelid is heated with the silver eye pad for approximately 8-10 minutes. Then , Dr. Fishman uses specially designed forceps to manually express both upper and lower meibomian glands. Each gland is then “graded” as to the ease of expressibility, the color of the meibum, and the physical characteristics of the gland and surrounding tissue.  After the gland has been gently but thoroughly expressed, BlephEx is used to exfoliate and remove the biofilm on the eyelid margin.

Full-Length Meibomian Gland Expression