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iLux Thermal Heating and Expression for Dry Eye Disease

The iLux device uses a LED light to raise the eyelid temperature and melt the blockages.

The proprietary light-based heat source gently warms the inner and outer lid to a safe therapeutic temperature. Sensors in the disposable iLux Smart Tip monitor inner eyelid temperature continuously during treatment. One-button control of heating and compression allows the location and duration of treatment.





The Procedure

The iLux device allows Dr. Fishman to view the eyelid margin through the magnifier, then warm the eyelid tissue within a therapeutic target range to melt the meibum blocking the orifices, and then apply compression to the eyelid to express the melted meibum through the orifices. iLux can treat both upper and lower eyelids.

At all times, the amount of heat and pressure applied is under direct control of the practitioner (unlike in automated systems) who monitors the response of the eyelid margin and the comfort of the patient.