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Image of an iPhone showing Telemedicine consults with Dr. Fishman

Dr. Fishman offers telemedicine visits for California residents. Dr. Fishman has been a leader in tele-ophthalmology for the past 10 years and is skilled in the nuances of a telemedicine visit. Dr. Fishman can offer a large number of remote video streaming services including dry eye visits, ocular wellness, online glasses and contact lens prescriptions.

To do a Telemedicine visit with Dr. Fishman, follow these 2 easy steps!

1.  Schedule a telemedicine appointment time with Dr. Fishman

2. Click on a telemedicine connect link sent by Dr. Fishman’s staff, and you will be ready to go!

The above is a 2011 interview with Dr. Fishman discussing DigitalHealth with his previous company MobileDx. Dr. Fishman now uses the EyeCareLive App (HIPAA secure video platform to perform his video consultations.