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FishmanVision now offers second opinion consultations via a secure video App called EyeCareLive. We started this to accommodate International or California residents who are unable to visit us in Palo Alto and to provide “agnostic” advice, free of institutional bias or that dictated by insurance companies. We provide in-depth consultations on all aspects ophthalmic disease including severe dry eyes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, corneal, and oculoplastic disease. Typically, we help you better understand your disease and answer your questions about suitable surgical procedures and medical options. Often, we can help direct you to the best known procedure and surgeons available in your area. Dr. Fishman also offers “research” consultations to bring you up-to-date on the latest research advancements in ophthalmology, focusing on your area of concern. We also offer second opinions on optical problems with your glasses or contact lenses.

Dr. Fishman developed EyeCareLive (currently for iphone, ipad and android, to enable secure communications with him at the patient’s convenience. It is an incredibly useful tool for performing these second opinion consultations. We currently also use it for routine follow up exams with our existing patients and routine messaging.

For more information, please call us at the office 650.322.4393 to learn more and to get started with a consultation with FishmanVision.

The below is a 2011 interview with Dr. Fishman discussing DigitalHealth. Dr. Fishman now uses the EyeCareLive App (HIPAA secure video platform to perform his video consultations.