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Image of an iPhone showing Telemedicine consults with Dr. Fishman

Dr. Fishman has been a leader in tele-ophthalmology for the past 10 years and is skilled in the nuances of a telemedicine visit. He is co-founder of EyeCareLive, a telemedicine platform specifically designed for eyecare. He has written an e-book on tele-ophthalmology. New emergency measures allow Dr. Fishman to perform a telemedicine visit with patients across all 50 states. Dr. Fishman can offer a large number of remote video streaming services including dry eye visits, ocular wellness, online glasses and contact lens prescriptions. Dr. Fishman has developed technologies to do “on-line” fitting for glasses and sunglasses and can then ship to your house.

To do a Telemedicine visit with Dr. Fishman, follow these 3 easy steps!

1.  Schedule a telemedicine appointment time with Dr. Fishman

2. Download the EyeCareLive App:

3. Enter your information, choose Dr. Fishman as your doctor and “start a consultation”

Click here for Telemedicine Consent 

Please call Dr. Fishman’s office staff at 650-322-4393 for any help in downloading the App and to arrange for billing.

Printable EyeChart

The EyeCareLive App has a really neat eye test to your distance vision, but you need a desktop/laptop computer.  You can also test your vision by printing out the Adult EyeChart here or the child EyeChart here.

After downloading and printing out the chart, stand 10 feet away and cover each eye and test your vision.

The above is a 2011 interview with Dr. Fishman discussing DigitalHealth with his previous company MobileDx. Dr. Fishman now uses the EyeCareLive App (HIPAA secure video platform to perform his video consultations.