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Advanced Design Contact Lenses

We are able to help a large number of our patients with advanced contact lenses for medical conditions including myopia control, dry eye disease, light sensitivity, aniseikonia, irregular astigmatism after LASIK/PRK/RK. Contact lenses that we offer include scleral lenses, hybrid synergeyes contact lenses, “artificial pupil” soft lenses and multi-focal contacts to slow myopia.  Contact lens fitting is lead by Dr. Brandy who fits comfort contact lenses for all of our patients.

  • EyeScanPro, EyeFitPro and EyePrintPro Scleral contact lenses (Large RGP contacts for severely distorted corneas and severe dry eye).
  • SynergEyes hybrid contact lenses.
  • Special color contact lenses for light sensitivity, trauma, cosmetic disturbance, headaches.
  • Daily and weekly soft contacts (Daily Multifocals, Daily Toric for Astigmatism, Multifocal for myopia control in all brands)
  • Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses (Boston XO, Boston Multifocals)

Dr. Brandy and Dr. Fishman are experienced in fitting soft contact lenses and training for first time wearers in technique and hygiene. We offer fittings of the latest contact lenses including all of the major contact lens brands and specialized brands that allow for high astigmatism and astigmatism that doesn’t fit the “of the shelf” axis.  We also offer fittings of FDA approved colored contact lenses of every available brand.

Boston Sight Scleral Lenses