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EyeWear for Ophthalmic and Medical Disease

The optical department at FishmanVision was created to provide eyewear for challenging medical conditions including aniseikonia (image size difference between the eyes),  double vision,  dry eyes, light sensitivity, headaches, and ocular fatigue.

Dr. Fishman has a special research interest in optics and is involved in the development of technology that allows for the precise design of optical lenses. Please check out my blog post entitled, “HOW I APPROACH THE “HEY DOC, THESE GLASSES DON’T WORK” – PART I , OPTICS.”

Glasses for Specific Ophthalmic Disease

      • Aniseikonic lenses for image size difference that occurs after retinal detachment surgery, post cataract surgery.
      • Moisture chamber frames for dry eye disease
      • Special tinted lenses for dry eye disease, headache, and light sensitivity
      • Prisms for double vision and fatigue

We offer any lens type available in the USA, including Zeiss, Shamir, Crizal, Varilux, and many more.


Translated from Greek aniseikonia means “unequal images”. It is a binocular condition, so the image in one eye is perceived as different in size compared to the image in the other eye. Two different types of aniseikonia can be differentiated: static and dynamic aniseikonia.

Static aniseikonia or aniseikonia in short means that in a static situation where the eyes are gazing in a certain direction, the perceived (peripheral) images are different in size

Dynamic aniseikonia or (optically induced) anisophoria means that the eyes have to rotate a different amount to gaze (i.e. look with the sharpest vision) at the same point in space. This is especially difficult for eye rotations in the vertical direction.





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