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Are you aware that when you have your cataract removed, there are many choices of type of Intraocular Lens to replace the natural lens? Each of these lens types comes with its own set of risks and benefits. Depending on your current eye condition and lifestyle, these risks and benefits may be exacerbated. Many doctors do not take the time to guide you through the procedure, thoroughly test for existing eye conditions, assist with pre- and post-op care, or provide unbiased cost-to-benefit ratio.

Dr. Fishman has extensive past experience in complex cataract surgeries, secondary lens implants, new technology lenses and laser-based techniques for cataract surgery.  Dr. Fishman is also is a technology consultant on emerging lenses and surgical procedures.  He leverages his experience to offer the “360 degree” cataract consultation and provides in depth, detailed recommendations on surgeons, intraocular lenses, refractive options, and techniques that best fit his patient’s needs.  Dr. Fishman provides unbiased consults (no surgery) and is thus able to provide an “uber” plan to guide and help in understanding the complex procedure and lens choice options.

To schedule your cataract consultation and management, please book an appointment with our front desk team.