Impacted Foreign Body in Meibomian Gland

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Impacted Foreign Body in Meibomian Gland

Lost EyeLash

Impacted Foreign Body in Meibomian Gland 

The meibomian glands are specialized sebaceous glands that secret lipids (1). What is in this special gland? Oils, salts, water, proteins, DNA/RNA and its own microbiome all show up (2-3) – but not an eyelash!


In the above video snippet, Dr. Fishman shows a cool case of an eyelash (also known as cilium) that somehow migrated into the meibomian gland and was then removed with expression forceps by Dr.F. It was amazing to learn from Mansour and Jawhari (4) that “lash impaction in the meibomian gland” was found in 18 patients out of 70,000 visits. This incidence was surprising (would have guessed rarer) given what forces and alignment would need to be present to have to the eyelash enter the gland. The meibomian gland orifice is only ~30-40 microns in diameter and the surface is often hyper keratinized (5-6).

Dr. Fishman spends a considerable amount of time expressing meibomian glands and often finds interesting and revealing pathology such as the above impacted eyelash. The meibomian glands have received a lot of attention these days!  It is the focus of many dry eye treatments from gland expression (iLUX, Lipiflow, MiboFlow) to a dizzying array of new drugs and treatments in the pipeline. Stay tuned for new developments coming out of FishmanVision!

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