How to Abort a Chalazion?

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How to Abort a Chalazion?

Styes (also known as hordeolums) are painful pimples of the eyelid margin and dreaded by many! Styes can evolve or co-exist with a chalazion, a very uncomfortable swelling of the eyelid and cosmetically unacceptable. This blog post shows a video of Dr. Fishman using a Maskin probe to avert a chalazion. While there are a variety of techniques to treat early chalazions (like warm compresses, steroids, antibiotics, IPL), a simple method is to simply open up the gland as shown here.


For a really excellent review of styes, hordeolum, chalazions, and an explanation of the differences between them, check out the EyeWiki page hosted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. From the EyeWiki page…

“A stye (or hordeolum) is an inflamed oil gland (Zeis or Moll) noted on the margin of the eyelid at the level of the eyelashes or in the midportion of the eyelid. It appears as a red, swollen nodule that resembles a pimple in appearance. It is sometimes tender in its acute presentation, especially to the touch. Hordeola may be on the external or internal surface of the eyelid and may lead to edema of the entire lid. If they are external they originate from the glands of Zeiss or Moll. If they are internal, they originate from the meibomian glands. At times, purulent material is released from the outer eyelash line in external hordeola, while internal hordeola exude on the inner conjunctival surface of eyelid. A stye that is chronic or long standing is likely to be a chalazion; a painless but sometimes tender inflammation of the meibomian oil glands of the eyelid.”

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